• Alliance Redwoods
  • Rock Star University
  • Spring Hills Church
  • St. Vincent Church

Alliance Redwoods

Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds in Occidental recently embarked upon re-tasking their gymnasium into a multipurpose room capable of seating 450 people for events of all kinds. Sound Expressions collaborated with Perform Acoustics to do an acoustics study and acoustic treatment design to turn the the space into a usable music venue. Sound Expressions designed the audio system which features JBL Vertec VT4886 main speakers, SRX728S dual 18" subwoofers, Crown I-Tech HD amplifiers and a Soundcraft GB8 console. A custom quick disconnect snake system adds to the rooms new flexibility. Sound Expressions also designed a high def video system, consisting of a Dukane HD projector, and a 16:10 format fixed frame video screen. Please see the press release in Front of House magazine.

Rock Star University

Rock Star University is a unique performance and recording facility in Santa Rosa featuring the latest in audio/video and lighting technology. Sound Expressions designed and installed the A/V systems. The audio system features a JBL Vertec VT4886 line array speaker system, a Soundcraft Vi1 digital mixing console and Crown iTech HD amplifiers. The video system features Vaddio HD 20 PTZ camera's, a Vaddio touchscreen camera control system, Dukane 7K HD projectors and 14' wide HD video screens. The system also includes a Protools HDX 64 track audio recording system as well as AJA Ki Pro hard disc video recorders for each camera.

Spring Hills Church

Sound Expressions recently completed the new audio system installation for Spring Hills Community Church featuring the first ever installation in the U.S. of the new JBL Professional VT-4886 Compact Line Array Speakers. Low frequency support is provided by a pair of JBL Professional SRX728S Subwoofers. The entire system is driven by Crown Amplifiers including the new Crown I-Tech HD12000. On-stage monitoring is provided by Aviom personal mixers and Sennheiser wireless In-Ear monitor systems. In addition, Sound Expressions provided the design and equipment for their high definition video system. This installation was the featured cover story in the September 2010 edition of Church Production Magazine.

St. Vincent Church

St Vincents Catholic Church in Petaluma Ca. built in the 19th century is a beautiful church with stunning architecture. The church recently embarked on a building renovation project that needed to include the audio system. The acoustics in this space were very challenging and needed to be addressed. An extensive acoustics study was done by Perform Acoustics of Northern California to explore what audio systems would perform best in this type of acoustic space. It was determined that a digitally steerable line array system would be the best solution for this space and provide the best intelligibility. We installed a Renkus Heinz Iconyx speaker system with 2 main array speakers in the front and 2 smaller arrays as delays halfway back. As predicted this system provides excellent clarity and even coverage throughout the space.